Cooking for me is a lifestyle, I breathe, eat, and sleep in the kitchen life. My passion for food started at a young age, you can say I was almost bred into the Industry. Both my parents owned and ran restaurants before I was born. Growing up I was blessed to be raised in a
multicultural family, my father is American and my mother is English. 
I moved to England when I was 19 to attend Carshalton college for my degree in culinary arts and Hospitality where I was at top of my class all three years. While in England I took the opportunity to work under some really great chefs training and sharpening my skills. My love for fine dining started when I got a Chef job at a 2 rosette hotel The Pheasant Hotel in North Norfolk on the coast of England.

A Sneak Peak of the
New Spring Menu

First course
Caesar salad
Charred romaine hearts tossed with
Homemade Caesar dressing
Freshly shaved parmesan cheese topped

with homemade roasted garlic croutons

Second course
Lobster bisque
Homemade creamy bisque
topped with a butter poached lobster claw

and a drizzle of herb infused cream

Third course
Pan-seared Scallops
On a bed of butternut squash,
Crispy bacon, pecan crumb
topped with popcorn cappers

Fourth course
Surf and turf
10 Oz Pan seared Ribey steak,
Butter poached lobster tail
Served with creamed spinach,
Garlic roasted potatoes drizzled with
A blackberry balsamic reduction

Fifth course
Chocolate mouse
Chocolate covered strawberries with

orange chocolate mousse and shortbread


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